Mobile Application Comes to Century Village Museum

**Sneak Peak**

Thanks to a partnership with Cleveland State University’s Center for Public History and Digital Humanities, we are proud to announce a new mobile application here at Century Village Museum! 

“Geauga Historical” will be launched this spring and will allow users to tour the museum and a variety of Geauga County historical sites for free right from their smartphones, tablets, and other digital devices.  The application is based on the platform created by the Center for Public History and Digital Humanities, Cleveland Historical.  Both “Cleveland Historical” and “Geauga Historical” allow you to learn about the region through layered, map-based, multimedia presentations, use social media to share your stories, and experience curated historical tours of Northeast Ohio right from your own personal device.  The same as it’s counterpart, “Geauga Historical” will be available in the iOS App Store and the Android Marketplace.

This application will not only help us reach out to new audiences, but it will also allow us to work collaboratively with historical societies and organizations in Geauga County to promote our region and the vast and diverse history we have here.  Buildings and sites throughout the museum and county will be put into individualized tours where application users can view inside photos, find building locations, listen to audio, and gather an indepth view of our history that is rarely available.

As we continue on in this planning and content development process, we welcome local historians to get involved in helping us create specialized tours throughout Geauga County.  For more information on how to become involved in this process, please contact Elizabeth Wantz, Curator and Director of Century Village Museum, at 440-834-1492.

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